About me


The stories we tell ourselves create the way we experience our life and our world. Emotions (love, hate, anger) are formed not just by the messages of our senses, but by the meaning we give to them.

A pounding heart with skipped beats can be terrifying if we’re on a treadmill and think we’re having a heart attack. That same fluttering heart can be delicious if we’re staring into the eyes of someone we like, and we think we’re falling in love.

Your life has plot twists, complications and reversals. You think you’re in control but how often are you really just ad-libbing? When you surprise yourself with an unexpected action, you may explain it as something you completely intended in the first place.

I have degrees in English literature and Clinical social work. I’m a practicing psychotherapist.

The stories I’ve read, watched and heard from others have changed my life.

It’s my turn to share my own stories and begin a new adventure.

Instagram: rerightinglife

Twitter: @rerightinglife
Youtube: Rerighting Life


8 thoughts on “About me

      1. I’m curious to know what you think of my writing and how it plays into or reflects my PTSD and other issues. To compare it to my therapists. Not here, but maybe in email if you want, or Facebook messaging.


        1. I can only comment as a reader to a writer, and your writing is engaging, honest, and a pleasure to read. You can contact me at my email below for more specific answers. Lots of PTSD actually starts from childhood trauma. The military situation is usually very supportive. You feel your life has meaning. When you go home, that is sometimes what can be traumatic.

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          1. That’s true about only being able to comment as a reader. I don’t share everything. And thank you for the nice compliments. 🙂


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