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Musicals begin with an “I wish” Song, A Hazardous Musical

Tricking Myself out of Fear, Haunted House

Is Romance Just a Chemical?, Test Tubes

Changing the Horror Movie in your Head, Don’t fear what awaits

When to Move on, in writing and Life, Jump

Sleep Deprivation Messes with your Mind, Insanities

How do others see us? Fun house mirror

Movie Therapy, The Producers

Emotional Blackmail, Blackmail

Blog Icon, Pen and Paper

Blog Icon, Flower

Whitewashing Tom Sawyer’s Fence, Fisherman

Criticism is useful, not insulting, Man Yelling

Self-Criticism: Who’s your worst enemy? Sword Fight

The Dark Side of Positive Thinking, The Dark Side of the Moon

The Sunny Side of Positive Thinking, Trapeze

It’s Okay to be Unhappy, Sad Pug

Contagious Moods, Medical Masks

Protective Spells for Contagious Moods, Dragon

Mind Games for Relationship Change, Window to the Soul

Can Everyone Follow Their Passion? Hiking in Flowers

How Do we Figure out our Passion? Celebration

How Do you Know You’ve Succeeded at Passion Pursuit? Success

Who Has Time for Passion Pursuit? No Time

Secrets – Keep them or Reveal Them? The Secret

Can An Affair Preserve a Marriage? Brain in a Jar

Family Secrets – A Popular Pastime Crichton Castle

Privacy and Stories, Blindfolded Dance

Gifts From Grandpa, Brooklyn

Over and Next, Finish

Am I Happy Compared to You? Rose Colored Glasses

Doing the Impossible, Impossible

Are You a Natural? Natural

If it Doesn’t Work the First Time, Birds

Positive Stereotypes are Negative, New York

Does Pokemon Go Blind you or Open Your Eyes? Blindfolding

Self Blame is Magical Thinking, Flying Carpet

What if Time Were 2 Dimensional? Time Travel

Designed for Anxiety, Evolution

Plot Reversals in Your Life Story, Cows in the Road

Parenthood: A loop of Hellos and Goodbyes, Take my hand

How To Change Someone Else, Pt. 1, The Magician

How To Change Someone Else, Pt. 2, Magic Lady

Telling Yourself Superstitious Tales, Fairy Tale

Manufacturing Romantic Chemistry, Moonshine Romance

When You Lose Faith in Yourself, Glasses

Self-esteem is Overrated, Trophy

The Willpower Myth, Temptation

Bias Against Our Own Kind, Love/Hate

Laughter Yoga – Gimmick or Game? Laughter Yoga

I Want it Now, Tantrum

Ambivalence When a Parent Dies, Cemetary

Small Slights, Big Emotions, Angry Bird

The Magic of Childhood, Fairy Tale House

Comfort in Unexpected Places, Pat on the back

Insight is the Booby Prize, Pie in the Face

Who is the Real You? Cate Storymoon

Adult Peer Pressure, Al Climbing Peer Pressure

Promises, Rainbow

How Much Should we Give for our Country? Women’s March NYC, January  21, 2017

The Myth of Control in Parenting, Falling Children

The Unexpected Stress Relief of Japanese, Japan

The Role of Chance and Luck in Life, Roulette Wheel

More on Luck (Or Moron Luck), Dunce

Connecting with Risk-Takers: Audaciously Timid by Justin Jensen Two women walking, by Pasja Woman writing, by Stocksnap Graduation, teen, by Gillian Callison Masked woman